Legal Challenges Arise Whether You Like It Or Not

The simple truth is that most people would like to go through life without ever having to hire an attorney. Nobody wants to have to deal with a legal challenge. Unfortunately, legal challenges arise whether people like it or not.

Now, you have a legal challenge that you need to overcome. You want to get results that are fair, and you want to get them as quickly as possible. That means you are going to need a lawyer. You want to choose carefully, because not all lawyers are equal. You want someone who not only has experience, but who is local and understands the courts in Covington, St. Tammany Parish and the surrounding parts of Louisiana. You want someone who will take a hands-on approach to your case and guide you toward a positive resolution.

Personalized Guidance From Start To Finish

Attorney Carter B. Wright has been resolving personal injury claims, maritime claims, estate matters and other legal issues locally since 1981.

When you choose him to represent you, he will handle your case personally from start to finish. You will not get passed around among paralegals and inexperienced associates, as you might at a big law firm. You will work with Mr. Wright through all phases of your case. He will discuss your case with you in your free first consultation. He will develop a legal strategy with your involvement and input. He will keep you updated and informed as your case moves forward through negotiation or trial.